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Zereshk Rice پلو زرشك


Braza Restaurant Zeresh Rice

Mast Musir ماست موسير


Tasty mixture of cooked bady Spinach in a luscious Creamy...

Masto Khiyar ماست و خيار


Tasty mixture of chopped Cucumber, Herbs in a luscious Creamy...

Borani بوراني


Concentrated extra Creamy Yogurt mixed with authentic Persian wild Garlic.

Fasl Salad سالاد فصل


Combination of Lettuce, Cucumber Olives, Tomato and red Onion served...

Zeytoon Parvardeh زيتون پرورده


GreenOlives marinated in Pomegranate Juice with, Walnuts, touch of garlic...

Torshi ترشي مخلوط


This traditional Persian Pickled Vegetables infused with Garlic & Herbs...

Khiyar Shour خيارشور


Persian Gherkinsmarinated in Brine and Spices.

White Rice پلو سفيد


Persian style rice with Saffron on top